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Colon hydrotherapy is a 45-minute session that cleanses your colon of toxins and hydrates the rest of your body, too.


Within a couple of days of receiving a B12 injection,  an increase in their energy level and stamina.


A workout without the workout. Sweat may sound a bit like a fix-all session for skin, sleep, stress, weight loss, and overall better function in day to day life.


Staying hydrated is important after a workout, being in the sun for an afternoon, or after a night of drinking. You help your body maintain normal function by drinking fluids, which in turn helps you feel better throughout your day.


Using an ionic foot detox device, we introduce a high level of negative ions into the foot bath’s water to enable your body’s natural detox processes to function optimally. You’ll definitely feel rejuvenated even after just one session.


The skin is the biggest organ on your body and if you take care of it, it will take care of you with beautiful rewards. Enjoy a relaxing massage to help bring balance to your body or deep tissue to ease away the stress.

Wellness Services & Prices
Colon Hydrotherapy45 min.$75
Medical Weight Loss45 min.$150
Infrared Sweat Wrap45 min.$55
IV Hydration60 min.$169
Foot Detox30 min.$35


Our Clients Say

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"The ladies at the Peachtree city location are extremely knowledgeable about the services and products and really good about taking the necessary time to explain things and answer your questions. Very nice ppl and relaxing atmosphere."

Stacy S.

"Very professional and clean!! Awesome customer service!! Phenomenal staff!! Wonderful experience!!! Five stars"

Porsha B.

"Amazing new facility located in Peachtree City. Staff is highly trained, friendly, and professional. Spending couple hours here for a few services and I will definitely be back more often. I’m feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the weekend and upcoming week! Don’t miss out"

M Dayawn S.

"Excellent service, the people at Cleansing Water Wellness Center make you feel like family. I will definitely be back. I got the IV Hydration and a colonic. They make you feel so comfortable and are very professional."

Jennifer W.

"Absolutely first on the list of spas that you'll want to return to. If you need a sports massage then you'll want Leah to work her magic. Just after the first appointment I had more range of motion in my neck and shoulders then I can remember."

Katelyn W.


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