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Aloha-Mango Protein Drink


Who said your weight loss diet couldn’t be tasty, satisfying and fun? Try Aloha Mango Protein Drink it helps make losing weight great fun.

Aloha Mango Protein Drink is a delightful low fat alternative to regular sugar-rich, fat laden fruit smoothies. This great tasting smoothie makes a yummy snack or a satisfying meal replacement that you can feel good about on your diet. Our Aloha Mango drink  has only 100 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates and one lonely gram of fat. And the 15 grams of ideal protein that each serving delivers will give you an instant energy boost while it fills you up with heavenly satisfaction. Lose weight the fun way; buy our Aloha Mango Protein Smoothie today!


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