When it comes to wellness programs and weight loss services in GA, Cleansing Waters is the name you can trust.

Your Trusted Wellness and Weight Loss Center

Established in 2005, Cleansing Waters has become the leading wellness and weight loss center in Stockbridge and Fayetteville, Georgia. We provide a variety of detoxification services that not only help our patients gain a healthier body but lose weight, as well. These include colon hydrotherapy, ionic foot detoxification, infrared sauna sessions, European body wraps, and B12 and Lipovite injections. Our center offers weight loss programs, too, such as meal planning, supplements program, and diet medication program.  We provide all of these under the management and careful supervision of a registered nurse and one of the few colon hydrotherapists in GA, Felicia Elibert.


Unmatched Leadership by Felicia Elibert, RN,BSN

Felicia Elibert has been running Cleansing Waters for over a decade now. With the assistance of a dedicated staff, Felicia has helped many patients regain control of their own health and wellness. For colon hydrotherapy alone, Felicia and our team have helped more than 15,000 patients lose weight and achieve a cleaner, healthier body. So, whether you need alternative health care or simply seek to renew your vitality, Felicia and the rest of the Cleansing Waters team will guide you towards a healthier you.

Before we proceed with any detox service or weight loss program, we provide a complete and thorough consultation. Felicia will explain all the options that are ideal for you. Once you decide on the program or service you’ll get, the whole team will ensure that every session or visit with us is a safe, comfortable, and valuable one.